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Featuring the Trinfinity8 System
presented by Robert W. Alcorn, MD

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Trinfinity8 represents a quantum shift in the emerging science of algorithmic rejuvenation technology. This unique software program was developed as a direct result of information brought back from a near death experience by Dr. Kathy Forti. It is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on mathematical codes, vibrational energies, and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature.

What is Algorithmic Rejuvenation Technology?

Trinfinity8 uses mathematical codes to give instructions to the body. The universal language of nature and our DNA is math. Math underlies the entire geometric blueprint of creation. All things that exist have a mathematical signature. Our DNA sequencing is our personal internal software program. It dictates our genetic heritage and is the determiner of how slow or fast we age and evolve.

How does Trinfinity8 work?

Trinfinity8’s unique technology sends streams of coded data to be transmitted through your computer’s USB port.  A digital translator device then sends information to the body via specially designed hand-held quartz crystals.

What does Trinfinity8 do?

Trinfinity8 is designed to increase awareness and to assist the individual in attaining a state of self-balance while working to restore vitality. Samples of what Trinfinity8 Offers include:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Energy Restoration
  • Health & Nutritional Support
  • Skin & Hair Rejuvenation
  • Face & Beauty Enhancement
  • Body Sculpting
  • Spiritual Attunement

Trinfinity8 uses 72 different protocols which can be combined in a vast variety of ways for many purposes. The apparatus can be programed for the individual client’s specific needs, whether for health, energy, stress reduction, or spiritual growth. This work can be done in person or remotely.

Getting Started with Trinfinity8

To set up an introductory session, simply contact Robert Alcorn. He’ll discuss the process with you and assess the optimal number sessions for your situation. The $25 introductory session is 15 minutes long. Custom Trinfinity8 sessions vary in length (30-45 minutes on average) and run $2 per minutes.

**Trinfinity8 is NOT a medical device. It does not scan, diagnose, treat or cure any medical disease.**