Cindy Summer

After an accident that created a cervical strain, a contusion to the nose, a fat lip, and a loss of self, Dr. Alcorn created sacred space and intuitively knew exactly what kind of assistance was necessary.  He cleared the energetic block in my neck, helping me to regain normal range of motion. In addition, he performed a soul retrieval which was an amazing experience – it was a homecoming for the soul and I was made whole again. I highly recommend Dr. Alcorn and his many healing talents.

Cindy Summer
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S. P., Spring, Texas

Thank you for your time, expertise, compassion, patience and most of all your courage to follow your inner knowing into this new way of helping people heal. Blessings, S.P.

About Healing Stories:

by David Pitkin, http://www.afterworld.info/about_the_author.html

I have researched ghosts, spirits and possession for over 40 years, and have written a few books on the subject. I also have a degree and limited practice in Counseling Psychology, so I was ready to both understand and enjoy Dr. Bob’s book when a friend (interested in extremely subtle energies) recommended it to me. Dr. Alcorn came to the subject material from mainline psychiatry, but found that so many modalities of treatment for his patients were not fully successful. Step by step, in an effort to help his most difficult clients, he reveals his journey into non-traditional treatments, ending in him becoming a shaman. Shamanism, once denigrated by the western medical establishment, is gaining respect because I suspect most therapists are essentially pragmatic; they want to find a treatment that works. However, only a few seem determined enough to immerse themselves in the “uncivilized” medical treatments of shamans, though these men and women heal at least as many of their clients as do therapists using traditional methods.

Having worked first-hand with ghosts and spirits, I find most of them to be well-meaning, and Dr. Bob finds that many folks in treatment have become possessed not by demons, but by friends or relatives in spirit who “just want to help” the living.

This is a book for the traditional psychotherapist as well as the person who has family members and loved ones in great need of a cure. Having bi-polar acquaintances, I was especially fascinated in Dr. Bob’s yang and yin methodology for bringing stability to those who suffer, seemingly needlessly.

A great read for those who wonder if life’s physical difficulties might not originate more in the invisible world. I hope the good doctor will follow up this book with many others, informing us of the potency of such a simple force as a well-meant intention.

Barbara Stone

Reviewer: Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP, author of Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present

Robert Alcorn, MD, is a very unique psychiatrist. When he was four years old, he saw a luminous, brilliant white horse with wings–Pegasus. When he excitedly asked his mother why this horse was in their living room, she was so distressed by his vision that she told him it was just his imagination. To avoid upsetting his mother again, Robert tried to shut down his psychic perception. As a young psychiatric student he encountered a patient who was agitated by spirits invading his bedroom at night. The patient thought the spirits had been sent by witchcraft. When Dr.  Alcorn offered his supervisor the opinion that the client was experiencing intrusion by some kind of spirits, he was scorned and told the idea was silly. Dr. Alcorn reports, “I learned to keep my mouth shut about what I knew in my heart of hearts. I wanted to get that piece of paper that said I was an authority, someone to be respected.” Decades later, he started studying energy healing techniques to augment his ability to help his patients at all levels, including those who had spiritual intrusion.

Carefully listening to his clients who were carrying long-term psychiatric disorders, Dr. Alcorn found that some of them were actually carrying the problems of other people who had died but were not able to cross into the light. Dr. Alcorn uses shamanic healing methods to help these discarnate suffering beings get to the light, freeing his clients to live their own lives again. The stories of the healing transformations from these interventions are surprising, fascinating and heartwarming.

Dr. Alcorn articulates an important point that the mainstream psychiatric approach to mental illness uses the scientific model to diagnose and treat mental disorders. The scientific model works pretty well at the physical level to isolate a pathogen and find a medication that will prevent or eliminate it, like an antibiotic wiping out strep throat or the polio vaccine eliminating polio. However, treating mental disorders as chemical imbalances that can be distinctly diagnosed and treated with medication has been frustrating, because two people with the same symptoms respond very differently to the same medication. Also, patients with the same diagnosis may be very different from each other. He reflects, “Now we are recognizing that the effort to categorize discrete diagnostic entities may have been fundamentally flawed, because human beings do not fit into those nice, orderly boxes.” Having expanded his scope of practice to expertise in the spiritual realm, Dr. Alcorn is able to do a multi-level assessment which includes the support of medication when indicated but also employs appropriate spiritual interventions to free his clients from detrimental outside energetic interferences.

People believe what they can see and Chapter 20 presents Dr. Alcorn’s remarkable work with a client which includes color photography done with a special Luminator device which shows different emotional states of the client. The initial image is fuzzy, indicating lack of coherence in her energy bodies. During the session photographs show the spirit of her deceased grandmother leaving her body and also a spirit from the dark side coming out of her torso. At the end of the session, her image is sharp and clear! Chapter 21 gives eight steps for bringing a client into a perceptual state that allows them to communicate to beings attached to them, starting with the importance of setting sacred space and calling in spiritual help to raise the level of vibration in the healing room. Dr. Alcorn asserts, “There are a lot of disembodied spirits floating around in our culture because we do not know how to insure that people cross over into the light after their bodies die.” Chapter 22 lists seven primary reasons why spirits stay earthbound and shares the protection methods he uses to help these spirits cross. Chapter 23, “The Golden Light of Grace,” presents a beautiful meditation given to him from his spiritual guide Ashiata Shiemash visualizing a ball of golden light passing through the body. This one chapter is worth more than the price of the whole book.

The only drawback of Healing Stories is that it is so filled with juicy nuggets of wisdom and truth that after 133 pages, the reader wants to hear more from Dr. Alcorn!

by Paige

I just finished Healing Stories (actually, I read the parts I highlighted twice) and I am so grateful to have found it. It’s the perfect combination of scientific data and anecdote.

I have been a massage therapist for many years, initially scoffing at the idea of working with energy. A couple years ago the mounting evidence and first-hand experiences finally trumped my stubbornness. Since I’ve embraced working in this way, my life is getting more and more weird. I’ve read dozens of books on the side trying to keep up with what’s going on in my office. I thank Dr. Alcorn so much for the detailed descriptions of phenomena he’s experienced and his clients’ feedback, which I’ve been seeing and hearing more in my practice over the last few months. To think, just a year ago I couldn’t say “Chakra” with a straight face.

Because of this book, I will be attending a Basic Shamanism workshop put on by FSS. I can’t even list out the synchronicities surrounding this decision and the sessions I’ve conducted since making it. It seems the Universe wants ushers for the show it is performing in these incredible times, and I have volunteered myself. I can’t imagine what this would be like without folks like Dr. Alcorn to light the way, language it and make it “OK.”

Highly recommended.

** These testimonials are not intended to imply that we claim any scientific or medical proof for the methods we use.**