The Hidden Ones (DVD)
by Barbara Stone, PhD and Robert Alcorn, MD

Stories of genies are all through our mythologies, television programs, and movies. Known in the Middle East as the Djinn (meaning the “Hidden Ones), legend has it that these fire elemental beings were banned from this dimension when humans were created. Robert Alcorn and Dr. Stone report on their conversations with the Djinn during shamanic journeying and their clinical experiences of working with clients under attack from the Djinn. Out of these experiences, they developed a way to make a relationship with the Djinn, help their clients, and to promote peace between the human and Djinn realms. (53 minutes)

The Hidden Ones DVD cover

Barbara Stone, PhD, developed Soul Detective® protocols to help energy therapists resolve the spiritual aspects of emotional problems so their clients can regain autonomy and fulfill their soul’s mission. A psychotherapist, workshop leader, and professor at Energy Medicine University, her books Invisible Roots and Transforming Fear into Gold provide a window into the unseen realms of Spirit. Website:

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