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Brain Training

Featuring the NeurOptimal® System

NeurOptimal® is a dynamical neurofeedback system which teaches the brain how to work better. It sends feedback to the brain in real time, that is, virtually immediately in response to brain wave patterns which are being monitored 256 times per second. Your brain receives this information and decides what to do with it. Your brain knows what to do if given the right information.

This is a training, not a treatment. The system does not diagnose any condition or prescribe a treatment for it. The NeurOptimal® system holds up a mirror to the client’s brain, thus providing an opportunity for the brain to modify how it is working.

Results depend entirely on whose brain is set up on the system!

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See the website for further background about this breakthrough technology.

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Initial consultation is free. In office sessions are $100. The sessions last about 45-50 minutes. Rental systems are available.

Contact Sarah for an appointment: 330-600-8063 or

What would you like YOUR brain to do better?

"NeurOptimal® is not a medical treatment. NeurOptimal® trainers neither diagnose nor treat, medical conditions."

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