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Qi - Your Life Energy ...

A missing piece in the puzzle that is Western medicine is Qi (sometimes spelled ch'i). This ancient Chinese concept is often translated as energy, but could equally be called life force, or even consciousness.

You know that your energy system is out of balance when you are suffering from any of the following:

Energy Healing Methods...

There are two basic ways in which I work with the energy field.


The first is based on the chakras. These are “wheels of light” or vortices of energy which serve as transformers for energy or Qi as it flows through the body and the aura (the energy field around and inside the body.) The chakras can also be thought of as different “minds” because the energies which vibrate at different rates in each chakra have different qualities of thought or feeling associated with them. By working with the flow and the fullness of the chakras, the healer can restore balance and allow the body to provide its own nourishment to the organ systems.

Energy Work

The second method is the recently discovered technique of Nervous System Energy Work, developed by James Kepner and Carol DeSanto. In these techniques, energy is introduced into the patient directly through the nerves, which has a more immediate and more lasting effect on the physical body than the energy-field work related to chakra balancing. The two systems can be complementary to each other. For example, in health, each of the main chakras is rooted in the spinal column. A healer can do a lot of good for the patient by re-rooting a chakra which has gotten off center, or disconnected.

From the perspective of Western medicine, the conditions which are ideally treated in these spiritual and energetic ways are ones where Western medicine is not so effective, or where the Western treatments may be accompanied by such distressing side effects that one wonders if the cure is worth the trouble.

In an energy work session, the patient typically lies on a massage table. The healer places his hands on the patient in places where it is possible to feed energy into the chakra system or the nervous system. He fills the patient's empty “batteries” and establishes a better flow of energy. The patient usually feels very deeply relaxed, has a lessening of pain, and often finds insights appearing in a dream like state during the healing session. In this way, the nervous system can learn what it is like to be really at peace, and the patient begins to find how to do this outside of the treatment setting.

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