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When mainstream medicine isn't working...

Are you frustrated with mainstream medicine or with traditional psychotherapy?

Does it seem that you aren't getting better despite all the tests, the specialists, and the pills?

Do you feel like your psychotherapist is very understanding and kind, but that you haven't changed?

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Robert W. Alcorn, M.D. - Photo by Keith Berr ( you may need to find an approach that is more integrative, more holistic. You may need to find someone who can treat you as a whole person and not a collection of malfunctioning parts.

After over thirty years of psychiatric practice I have found that successful treatment depends on the patient's ability to discover his/her own inner resources, to take ownership of the process of healing. The healer's duty and privilege is to help to mediate this process.

As you begin to feel more whole, to have more life force, to have more balance in your inner and outer life, you can begin to rely less on pharmaceuticals. You begin to have more of a sense of self reliance, more of a sense of meaning to the adventure of living.

From this new found state of balance, feeling more energized, it becomes possible to experience what a spiritual life could be, how to connect to Spirit for oneself, by oneself, not having to rely upon an intercessor, or a dogmatic structure. This is the message of the holistic approach: that we can all be dreamers; we can all find our own inner teachers.

Soul Detective CertifiedDr. Alcorn is now a Certified Soul Detective. This means he is fully trained inthe Soul Detective system created by Barbara Stone, LISW, PhD.



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